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3D Spheres

Starting with a Growth Chemistry

we help you Compose, Decompose and Catalyze what Growth means, at a personal or organizational level

3D Swirl

In a World of Constant Motion

we offer Upskilling or Reskilling for Resilience and Change Readiness

Within a Wired World

Within a Wired World

we help you Awaken & Nurture the Digital Mindset of your people and of your organization

Shiny Pipes

In challenging Business Journeys

we enhance the Skillset required to face critical Business Challenges

aelia lab
learn - develop - innovate


Enabling people to bring out their talent, to strenghten their skills and to innovate

through learning experiences and development guidance​

Our Identity

We are an agency for learning, development & innovation offering sophisticated capacity building programs, which combine diverse learning experiences and targeted development guidance, in order to empower human talent individually and within organizations.

The learning experience of the guided project was unique!
I had the opportunity to  test-out my skills in real professional life and realize my strengths!

Y.Ch., Participant (28)

Our Journey

Our Journey

From 2013 to present

We started on the field in 2013 supporting diverse individuals, in diverse business fields, within diverse professional environments. We started as a capacity building social venture.

It was on the field where we explored the challenges of professional development and where we discovered the spectrum of diverse cognitive requirements of the world of work and of entrepreneurship. Since 2013 we have run workshops, mentored people, set-up communities for mutual development support. We also studied, consulted experts and created our own L&D models which we tested out on the field.

Thus, gradually and naturally, we evolved into a learning & development agency with the required knowledge, with a tested-out innovation capacity as well as with a valuable maturity which enable us to tackle key L&D challenges for employers, freelance professionals, and entrepreneurs.

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