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Our Programs

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Water Ripple

Boost People Potential,
Empower your Teams

Programs for employees and managers aiming at activating their true potential, get engaged in their work and enjoy job satisfaction

Blossom up

to bloom or not to bloom?

18+ Rewire

Know-Your-Employee (KYE)

Know-Your-Team (KYT)

Our program which helps employees understand their needs, decide the personal investment they want to make and to reveal and make the most of their potential.

Our targeted program for career planning, upskilling and reskilling for professionals with over 18 years of professional experience (professional adulthood)

Our program for managers, empowering them in their relationship with the employees - team which they leadm, with a specific focus in empathetic leadership



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Adapting to Transformation


Building resilience against crisis and constant change 

Be Future-Ready

Embrace and boost

future foresight


ESG Booster
the "S Factor"

Enjoying Nature

Upskilling for key soft skills

Supporting people to enhance their competence in specific soft skills

Brain Teaser

Think Out

Our program for awareness, enhancement and refinement of critical & analytical thinking

Mint Paper Structures

Think Up

Our program for creativity and innovation, aiming at nurturing and enhancing creativity and bringing out innovative thinking

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Our program for communication skills, within teams and with "outsiders", with particular emphasis on the communication which ... bridges diverse professional worlds

Our program for the diverse aspects of writing, to improve written communication for specific professional fields


Digital Mindset Upwiring

Supporting people to develop a digital mindset and adapt to digital transformation




Our program which introduces people to 6 diverse aspects of digital mindset and helps them respond to the essential requirements of the digitally transformed professional world




Our program for the enhancement of their digital mindset which empowers competence to deal with the digitally transformed economy


Digital Upskilling

with supportive L&D

Single L&D activities, tools and resources to be integrated into existing digital transformation HR and L&D policies of organizations

Engineering Class
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