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L and D as a service

Learning & Development is a personal process for each individual. However, organizations can support the learning & development paths of their people by offering them carefully designed  targeted programs.

AELIA offers (a) specialized services to organizations to help them design and/or run such targeted programs, (b) its own programs to organizations and/or individuals, which aim to support specific learning & development paths ("development journeys")

Organizations may adopt one of AELIA programs or collaborate with AELIA to design their own customized program, which may use AELIA programs as building blocks.

Goal-Specific Programs

An L&D program is effective only when it aims at clear, pre-defined development goals. AELIA designs goal- specific L&D programs to support learners reach specific development goals. A development goal may be:

  • (a) a specific skill,

  • (b) a skillset /combination of skills required for specific professional situation,

  • (c) the adaptation to a specific mindset

Reaching a development goal requires a journey for each individual, a development journey, where the individual learns, interacts, evolves and where significant engagement is required.

AELIA has selected diverse development journeys for which it has designed effective L&D programs, based on its experience out of various individuals in their journeys to reach specific development goals.


Development Journeys supported by our programs
Target areas of our L&D programs

Upskilling for key soft skills

Supporting people to enhance their competence in specific soft skills

Brain Teaser

Think Out

Our program for awareness, enhancement and refinement of critical & analytical thinking

Mint Paper Structures

Think Up

Our program for creativity and innovation, aiming at nurturing and enhancing creativity and bringing out innovative thinking

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Our program for communication skills, within teams and with "outsiders", with particular emphasis on the communication which ... bridges diverse professional worlds

Our program for the diverse aspects of writing, to improve written communication for specific professional fields


Digital Mindset Upwiring

Supporting people to develop a digital mindset and adapt to digital transformation




Our program which introduces people to 6 diverse aspects of digital mindset and helps them respond to the essential requirements of the digitally transformed professional world




Our program for the enhancement of their digital mindset which empowers competence to deal with the digitally transformed economy


Digital Upskilling

with supportive L&D

Single L&D activities, tools and resources to be integrated into existing digital transformation HR and L&D policies of organizations

Water Ripple

Career un-(re)wiring

Supporting people to adapt to specific career challenges and/or achieve specific career goals within organizations or as freelancers

AELIA Career Up

Our flexible program for professional upskilling and/or reskilling based on Personal Development Plans (PDPs), within organizations or for freelance professionals.

18+ Rewire

Our targeted program for career planning, upskilling and reskilling for professionals with over 18 years of professional experience (professional adulthood)

Reality Check

Our program for careers under transformation (whether within organizations or in freelance jobs), balancing vision and reality, new ideas and strategic planning.

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Powering-Up Business Competence

Based on our experience from designing and running pre-incubation programs for established incubators, we have designed L&D programs targeting 4 key challenges in business:

  • 1. Vision vs Reality & New Ideas vs Strategic Planning

  • 2. Business Skillset

  • 3. Skills and Mindset for Business Resilience

  • 4. The "Science to Business" process

Furthermore, using the elements of those programs, AELIA may design customized L&D programs aiming at the enhancement of entrepreneurial or intra-preneurial skills for entrepreneurs, business leaders or people employed in positions with high requirements of entrepreneurial skills

Reality Check Biz

Be realistic in business planning and action


Entre(Intra)preneurial competences


Boosting business resilience


Our Sci2Biz L&D programs by Sci2Biz Studio

Artist in Art Studio

Empowering Artists & Culture professionals

Continuing our activity in 2014-2020 supporting artists and professionals from the creative & cultural sector, we organize specific career guidance and/or skills enhancement programs to support artists and culture professionals