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L&D Diagnostics

Make an L&D scan - Identify your L&D needs

Define suitable L&D solutions for your organization

Working Together

L&D-Dynameter by AELIA

AELIA's diagnostic on L&D needs

AELIA has created a tool to assist organizations in their L&D scan. This is the L&D Dynameter by AELIA, assisting organizations in the identification of suitable L&D solutions for them. The L&D-Dynameter is setting the Launch Base for your effective Learning & Development (L&D) Solutions and for an solid L&D Policy.

The L&D-Dynameter is a guided L&D scan, analyzing core elements about your People and your Organization.The diagnostic of the L&D-Dynameter examines 28 distinct parameters about (a) your business priorities (b) the requirements of your job positions, (c) the defining elements of your organizational culture, (d) critical aspects of your employment relationships, (e) your "Employee Personas", (f) your core restrictions and challenges. It works in essence as a “Mirror” of the People, the Culture and the Relationships within your Organization. 


The L&D-Dynameter scan is performed in two (2) sessions of 45 to 60-min, between your L&D and/or HR Officers and members of AELIA team. The sessionos are combined with an asynchronous 7-day communication.

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