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L&D sophistication

Having evolved into a professional services agency out of a capacity building social venture with the sparkle and flame of social activity and with significant knowledge gained on the field, we are passionate to design and offer sophisticated L&D programs, which integrate scientific results of cognitive science and HR development and elaborate methodological tools based primarily on design thinking.

A catalyst in growth chemistry

Our vision is that our programs become catalysts for the participants growth, contributing critical elements  to their growth chemistry, either by strengthening their skills, by adjusting their mindset to the requirements of their objectives or by opening up new perspectives for them! 


Our L&D Programs are designed by our Management & Strategy Team and our program-specific  L&D Project Managers.

Our L&D programs are run by our L&D instructors under the coordination and organizational support of our L&D Project Managers.

Each L&D Instuctor may offer (a) workshops and/or (b) advisory support or mentoring and/or (c)  guidance in guided projects. He/she offers L&D services in our programs according on his/her professional background and areas of interest

We have set up a pool of L&D instructors, who are professionals of various professional fields, with corporate, freelance or entrepreneurial careers who  share a passion for L&D, who have been members of AELIA pool of mentors/trainers when AELIA was a social venture and who have had an intensive onboarding by AELIA in order to adopt and integrate our quality assurance principles in our L&D services. .

Our Management & Strategy team consists of:

  • (a) our Executive Director (currently  our co-founder Faye), who is also our Chief Strategy Officer & Chief Learning Officer


  • (b) our 7-member Strategy Board, chaired by our co-founder Sofia, as Chairman of the Board who is also our Chief HR Officer.

All Members of our Strategy Board are also L&D Instructors.

Our L&D Project Managers have also a critical managerial role in our specific programs.

They have all been either alumni of our former capacity building programs as social venture or participants in our open activities as social ventures. Thus, they have built a strong relationshp with AELIA throughout the years, sharing the vision of AELIA and its values and having contributed to defining our principles of action.

L&D project management

Profiles and videos of our project managers will soon be available. They’re currently ... freshening up their profiles

L&D Instructors

Profiles and videos of our L&D Instructors will soon be available. They’re currently ... freshening up their profiles

Our Management

Profiles and videos of our management team members and our board members will soon be available. They’re currently ... freshening up their profiles

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