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aelia Studios

Exploring L&D  with our community

In the AELIA Studios we explore, understand and analyze specific demanding L&D areas or challenges, in order to design, examine, test-out and evaluate effective L&D solutions

L&D  Studio
for L&D practitioners

A hub of L&D Practitioners, where L&D and HR Professionals discuss L&D challenges, explore new L&D methods  and exchange L&D good practices

Business Meeting


Our regular L&D Practitioners Meetups where we discuss L&D challenges, share practices and co-design L&D solutions

Brainstorming Session



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Investing in L&D 

Why does your organization need L&D for your People? How can L&D contribute to better business performance? Which can be the value (ROI) of L&D for your organization?

May 28 || 18:00

Spaces Ermou


Coming soon ...

Exploring how people learn more effectively based on insights from cognitive scientists

Improving our L&D programs design by (a) Defining cognitive requirements of specific L&D goals and (b) Refining L&D activities based on their cognitive requirements

18-plus Studio

Coming soon ...

Exploring the particular needs for L&D of professionals with more than 18 years of professional activity (18+ professionals). Understanding the particularities of professional “adulthood”

Empowering 18+professionals through tailor-made L&D activities

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